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JSV Series (J Series®)

JSV Series CSA approved submersible pumps are excellent for submerged wet well installations with guide rails. These pumps are designed specifically for solids handling and incorporate several engineering features that prevent jamming and clogging, the two most common problems in pumping fluids containing solids. These models feature a patented winglet vane vortex impeller design that has winglets that reduce the formation of vane eddies, resulting in a significant increase in the pumping efficiency and head.

Size: 3" (75 mm), 4" (100 mm)
Max Capacity: 870 GPM (55 lps)
Max Head: 148' (45 m)
Max Solids: 4" (102 mm)
Max Temperature: 104 F (40 C)
Materials of
Cast Iron
Motor - Voltage: 230 V 1P, 230 V 3P, 460 V 3P, 575 V 3P
Motor - Cycles: 60 Hz
Horsepower: 2.7 HP - 17 HP


External Axial Adjustment

Gorman-Rupp J Series pumps will operate at peak efficiency by maintaining the proper clearance between the impeller and volute. The impeller clearance can be adjusted quickly and easily by turning three external screws. No disassembly or replacement parts are necessary.

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Specifications are subject to change. Please contact your Gorman-Rupp Canada Distributor for more details.

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