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Gorman-Rupp of Canada Limited

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Industrial Pumps
Pumps for solids, wastes, debris and chemicals in a wide variety of manufacturing applications
Construction Pumps
A wide range of pumps for contractor and bypass pumping applications
Petroleum Pumps
Pumps for flammable clean liquids and other refined petroleum products
Municipal Wastewater (Sewage) Pumps
Sewage lift stations, valve packages and pumps for municipal and treatment plant applications
Mining (Above Ground) Pumps
Pumps for dewatering, runoff, transfer and washing operations for above-ground mining
Mining (Below Ground) Pumps
Approved submersible mining pumps.
OEM Pumps
Original equipment pumps supplied as custom components for other products
Municipal Clean Water Pumps
Fully-engineered pressure booster systems and valve vaults for municipal water systems
Fire Pumps
Portable and tanker pumps for fire-fighting
Agriculture Pumps
Pumps for farm waste, irrigation, fertilizer and utility applications

Specifications are subject to change. Please contact your Gorman-Rupp Canada Distributor for more details.

Gorman-Rupp of Canada, Ltd.
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The Gorman-Rupp International Company
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